Florida Trial Group takes great pride in its many years of representing sellers and buyers in residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout the State of Florida.  Our firm has long emphasized its representation of the parties to real estate transactions as the primary focus of its practice.

Our objective is to serve the clients’ best interests.  The real estate attorneys at our firm will become involved in the transaction from the beginning, including, if needed, the drafting of the contract.  We will be there at all times for the client, up through and to the final conclusion – a successful closing.

The cost of the title policy will be paid at closing, along with other related service charges, which will be fully disclosed to you at the initial stages of our representation.

Florida Trial Group we take pride in our reputation as one of the premier real estate law firms in South Florida; and our ability to work closely with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders in order to facilitate the closing on the property.